Contractor woes?

Hurricane  Michael wrought devastation on our beloved Panhandle. Panama City, Parker, Callaway, Mexico Beach, Lynn Haven, and towns and communities all the way to the Alabama and Georgia lines were decimated. Then came the flood of contractors. They went door to door. Called. Advertised. They signed as many residents as they could to contracts promising to help us put everything back together again. Good people paid their contractors out of desperation, trusting that they would complete their work in a reasonable amount of time and with quality workmanship. Sadly, far too many have failed to do so or just vanished outright. 

As a homeowner, you have rights and remedies available to you if your contractor isn't living up to their end of the contract, have or are threatening to lien your home, or have performed shoddy workmanship.  Florida lien laws are very explicit and have deadlines for filing for both the contractor and the homeowner. In Florida, these laws allow subcontractors to lien your home even if your general contractor has already been paid! As a homeowner, you have the right to contest any lien filed on your home which will then force your contractor to prove their lien in court. You also have legal remedies available for breach of contract if your contractor has failed to perform or has performed inadequately. 

I am here to help you go after those contractors who conduct themselves wrongly so that you can get your home or business rebuilt. As a personal injury attorney I have spent my career seeking justice from those that do others harm. I bring that same experience and intensity to homeowners being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors.

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