It may go without saying, but they really aren't. There are rarely ever any "winners" or "losers" in divorce. You married who you thought would be your forever person, built a life, created memories, and likely have children and a home. Marriages come to an end for a host of reasons such as infidelity, spousal abuse, addictions, and economic stress. Those going through a divorce are experiencing a range of emotions from anxiety and anger to sadness and depression. Asset division and alimony, both temporary and permanent, can be contentious and downright ugly. Sometimes, one party or their children need immediate protection from potential abuse or harm from their spouse.

Divorces become even more complicated and difficult when there are minor children involved. Child custody, child support, and visitation must be addressed without exception in every divorce involving minor children and must be addressed from the very beginning. Too often, one party or both try to use the children as leverage against the other. Caught in the middle are kids trying to understand why their parents are divorcing. 

I get it. I've been there myself. Zero fun.

It's a difficult time and one that requires a patient and understanding advocate to advise and guide you as well as a proven litigator to handle the divorce proceedings themselves. I've been representing people in Shelby County and across the Birmingham metro area in divorces, divorce modifications, child support and child custody cases for years. 

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