Hurt on someone else's property?

Property owners owe a duty to their guests and patrons to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition.  This means they must routinely inspect for dangerous conditions, remedy those conditions and/or adequately warn you of the hazard.  

Perhaps you slipped and fell in the lobby or walkway of a hotel in Panama City Beach, tripped over some product at a shop in Destin, were hurt at a condo in Pensacola, or had something fall on you from a shelf at a big-box store in Panama City. Maybe you were in Shelby County, Alabama at a store in Alabaster, Pelham, Columbiana, Montevallo, or Hoover. Injuries occur from more than just slipping at a grocery store and can involve all types of flooring, sidewalks, and stairs as well as changes in elevations, lighting, building and safety code violations, improperly operating equipment, and even assaults due to inadequate security.  

I have represented people injured on other's property across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle for over twenty years. These are very difficult cases and require immediate action to preserve critical evidence such as security video and the conditions of the property at the time before they are "no longer available". I move quickly to preserve this evidence and to engage the specific experts to investigate the injury site as quickly as possible.  I do this so that I am prepared to push the property owner and their insurance company to resolve your case quickly for the most amount of compensation or to take your case to trial without delay. 

Property owners and their insurance companies nearly always DENY responsibility for injuries on their property no matter what they may tell you at first. Time is on their side and they know it. I will cut through the delay tactics and move your case as quickly as possible.

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