As an experienced personal injury attorney of twenty-five years, I take care of all the legal issues in your personal injury case so that you can focus on what's really important; your recovery and loved ones. In the meantime, I handle the insurance company, secure evidence that can be critical to your case, and begin putting the pieces of your puzzle together. This allows us to move your case forward as quickly as possible! Time is not on your side as an injury victim. Evidence becomes harder to obtain, witness memory fades, often you are struggling economically with medical bills or lost wages. I know this and work as quickly as possible to obtain the recovery you deserve for your injuries. Trial is not always necessary to resolve a personal injury case but is more than welcome as Brian Davidson has spent his entire legal career trying these cases to juries in Alabama and Florida, undergoing advanced trial skills training, and even training hundreds of other trial lawyers across the nation.

All personal injury cases are contingency fee based so there are no hourly fees or retainers. If we do not obtain a recovery for you then you owe us nothing!

Our Panama City, Florida office also handles cases involving construction contracts. If you are a home or business owner whose construction project has gone awry, if you have defects in the construction, or maybe you can't get the contractor to finish the job give us a call and we will evaluate your situation and help you resolve the issue. We have helped hundreds of local property owners with their construction contractor issues following Hurricane Michael. If you are a contractor or subcontractor who needs assistance with a legal matter do not hesitate to contact us as we have also represented numerous contractors with their project related legal issues.

Our Birmingham, Alabama office handles all of your family lawissues whether you are planning or going through a divorce, involved in a child custody fight, or modification of your final decree of divorce. Brian Davidson has been representing parties in domestic relations court since 2008 and applies his "no-nonsense" litigation mentality to these very difficult and emotional cases. Having been through the process himself, Brian knows and understands what you are going through.