Seriously injured by a medical professional?

Medical Malpractice cases are extremely difficult due to the protections afforded to medical professionals by the Florida and Alabama Legislatures. In addition, they are extraordinarily expensive to litigate and they are nearly all litigated in court. 

According to a Harvard study over a million people each year are injured by mistakes made at the hands of medical professionals.  A medical professional owes their patient a duty to exercise within the "standard of care" when providing services.  This means that they must act in a similar manner as other medical professionals. A bad outcome is not the same as medical malpractice.  Medical professionals can make mistakes but they cannot do or fail to do something most other providers would or would not do. Examples are failing to timely diagnose a medical condition, incorrectly prescribing medications, incorrect surgical procedures, over/under administration of anesthesia, and inattention to patient's complaints and needs.  

If you have been seriously injured by the malpractice of a medical care provider you need a personal injury attorney with the knowledge, ability, and resources to properly investigate and represent your interests. In addition to having represented numerous injured people in medical malpractice cases I will assemble the best possible litigation team of experts and if necessary injury specific, experienced, co-counsel from across Florida, Alabama and the nation to seek out the justice you deserve. You and your loved ones deserve no less than the best!

Medical professionals and their insurance companies nearly always DENY responsibility for injuries caused by their own malpractice. Time is on their side and they know it. I will cut through the delay tactics and move your case as quickly as possible.

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