Serious crashes deserve serious attention.

Tractor-trailer and large commercial vehicle collisions are usually serious with serious, often deadly, results.  A fully loaded tractor-trailer can legally weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. That's like a sledge hammer hitting an aluminum can.  Due to the injuries typically involved in such crashes the tractor-trailer's insurance carrier will routinely send their investigators and even their legal team to the scene of the crash!  Their drivers are trained on what to say and do following any crash.  Most driver's are provided with "accident kits" that include cameras and contact information to alert their employer and insurance company from the scene, often before they exit their truck!  

Retaining legal counsel immediately is absolutely imperative to making sure that your rights are protected.  Securing crucial evidence is the most important thing that must be done as soon as possible including at the scene of the crash if possible.  Photographs and video of the scene, documenting important information regarding the commercial carrier, securing mobile phone data and data from onboard GPS, routing, and reporting systems, and obtaining the data from the tractor's "black box" are absolutely crucial.  Specialized experts are necessary to inspect the tractor-trailer for Federal Commercial Carrier Regulations violations and reconstructing the crash.  The more evidence we have the better our ability to represent you!

I have represented dozens of victims of tractor-trailer crashes and their loved ones and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for my clients.  The insurance companies and their legal counsel are already ahead of you.  They are trained in what information and statements to gather and get from you to put them in the best position to defend their driver.  Shouldn't you have the same advantage?  

I understand the Federal commercial carrier regulations, the operation of tractor-trailers, and the company's rules and protocols. As always, I press the insurance companies and their lawyers from day one to pay a just settlement.  If they chose not to do so in a timely manner I file suit and move the case to a trial date at the earliest possible time.  Delays are on the side of the insurance companies so I don't let them have the luxury of not being ready to try your case.  

We are available 24/7 to help you if you or a loved one are involved in a tractor-trailer crash.  We have investigators on call and I will personally be involved from the very beginning. CALL me now in Florida at (850) 640-2030 and in Alabama at (250) 358-7867 or contact me online or schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is NO FEE unless we collect compensation for you!

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