Injured as the result of restaurant or bar negligence?

The food scene in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Destin, Pensacola, and across the Panhandle is vibrant and growing. The Birmingham metro area is now nationally recognized as a "foodie" town. Restaurant and bar patrons can be injured by the negligent conduct of the establishment. The most common injuries come from poor food preparation and storage practices. Improper food storage results in bacteria and contagions contaminating the food product leading to what is commonly called "food poisoning".  Improper food storage can also lead to cross-contamination and salmonella poisoning that can cause extreme illness and even death.  

Patrons with food allergies are especially at risk for injury in restaurants even when they take precautions such as advising their server of their dietary needs and avoiding foods to which they are allergic.  The culprit is usually, again, a failure in food preparation and storage by the restaurant or just a general failure to care. If you have a food allergy your meal should be prepared in a separate environment to avoid cross-contamination with your allergen and your food should be cooked in separate pans and/or fryers. Often, this is not the case and severe allergic reactions occur leading to hospitalization and even death.

Injuries arising from negligent bar operations are all too frequent as well. Over serving of alcohol is the primary catalyst for most of these injuries and is almost always due to poor training, supervision, or just not caring. Injuries from assaults can be prevented by employing properly trained and adequate numbers of security professionals as well as not over-serving patrons. Injuries from falls, from the floor, tables, chairs, or bar tops, can be prevented with adequate supervision and policies. Drunken staff leaving the premises on our roadways should never happen under any circumstance and is actionable.

Injuries caused by patrons who leave a bar drunk and drive fall under that state's “Dram Shop” Act. Typically, a Florida bar/restaurant cannot be held responsible for over-serving a patron who then injures someone unless the bar knows or should know the patron is an alcoholic or the patron is a minor. I know that sounds ludicrous but it is the law. In Alabama, the alcohol provider, including the server, bartender, and the establishment are legally responsible for over-serving patrons. In most cases, punitive damages are applicable where death or severe injury to innocent victims occur.

I have years of experience in the food and bar service industry and have represented dozens of victims of restaurant negligence. You need a personal injury attorney with this experience to understand the industry standards and what actually happens behind the scenes to effectively represent your interests in court. I combine over twenty years of experience as a personal injury attorney with years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry to effectively represent you. I know how things are done behind those swinging doors and use that knowledge for you!

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